Jean Saint-Germain Artiste Peintre

Jean Saint-Germain Artiste Peintre

I have always been an artist at heart, I have always been drawn to creating, since my childhood. I need to express myself.
Since my artistic training, I paint in acrylics. After a few years of painting, I resumed painting subjects that presented challenges to me. To get out of my comfort zone and to force myself to do something that didn't come naturally to me, I started doing abstract paintings. From abstract painting, I switched to animal painting then I returned to the landscape. According to my desire, I paint a landscape, an animal and sometimes an abstract. Very long to do, animal painting requires a lot of time, precision and technique. But it allows me, unlike the landscape, to integrate a certain abstract creativity.

Painting on wood is much more stimulating for me than on canvas. I like the rendering, the texture. Acrylic extended wood, which absorbs water much faster, reacts differently to canvas and I love this chemical reaction that allows me to do things that I couldn't do on canvas.

Play with colors and shapes ... Bring out the light. This is my real goal, in all the paintings I do. Play with contrasts and light. A bright blue on a black background will create volume, but a bright blue on a light background will dim the light ... While keeping the idea of ​​my subject in mind, whether it is a landscape, an animal or a abstraction, it is by playing with light that I create an atmosphere, an ambiance and a direction that attracts the viewer. My animal painting backgrounds are often brightly colored to bring out the animal.