Jean Milu Truesdale

Welcome to my gallery. I have been painting for some 30 yrs. A love that started as a 7 year old boy on a ranch in south Texas and has never ended. I left home young, after painting with KK Simpson in her studio where she taught the painting techniques of the Old Masters such as Titian, Rembrandt etc. I spent years learning the under painting technique that used layers and layers of color to produce what I call the shimmer of the Old Masters. A local gallery director was able to secure a summer with the Russian born painter Sergai Bongart and helped me talk my dad into the 500$ I needed to attend. He also threw in a back pack easel. I think in his heart he knew I would not stop until I made my way to a career as a painter. It wasn't easy for him to cast his youngest out into a world he believe would leave me broke and hungry. LOL both were true for years but I was determined. Upon leaving home and moving to NM in my 20's I fell in love with the Impressionist after seeing an exhibit at the local Museum titled" Masters of Light". I was lost in the colors the free unrestricted pallet and colors. I was also lost as to how this style was accomplished, as I only knew how to plot, plan, grid and digest a painting before I ever laid brush to canvas. Again I was determined. Within 3 yrs I was in France after a french native in ABQ taught me the basics of the language so I could secure food, lodging, and directions. From that point on I was hooked, France became my second home for 15 yrs. Today I paint.