"Mr Strange" is my artistic pseudonym.
I propose an original vision while giving an opinion on all that surrounds us.
I work on my computer.
I do photomanipulation or digital collage.
This process suits me well because I am not limited by the technique.
I work on images that I that I discover on the net and that I transform.
My "challenge" is the mixture of these diverse and varied images that seemingly have no connection between them. Once associated, it creates a new reality and opens new doors.
I distort reality and I do (I say modestly) Hypersurreality.
But the result is, I believe, not a mess because I like realism in presentation or representation.
Even if I work on images (photos), I feel closer to the painter than to the photographer.
To immortalize a moment like the photographer is not my intention.
I am not in spontaneity.

Edward Hopper, Giorgio de Chirico, Grant Wood, Maurizio Cattelan, Rene Magritte, Ron Mueck are references.

The works are printed in "Fine Art" quality on canvas 350g / m2.
Each work is signed, numbered and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note that my work is digital first. But for some work, I decided to propose them painted in oil because I also like this pictorial technique!
So I associated myself with a painter. His name is Qihai Chen. He lives in Hong-kong. I met him on the Net a few years ago. He liked my digital works and agreed to reproduce some of them for American customers. And it was a success! He is a very good artist who did the painting academy in his country. He reproduces with precision the original creation.

I promise to send your order within 5/6 weeks.

This year, I was selected to participate in an international exhibition (Arte Laguna Prize) that took place between March 17 and April 8 at the Venice Arsenale. I qualified for the final in the Digital Graphic category with my work Mark Shields And His Red Dice.
From June 7th to 10th, I took part in the contemporary art and creators exhibition "Point Art Design and Creation" which took place in Paris Bastille. I exhibited 6 works.
From May 25 to July 12, I exhibited 2 works at Palazzo Ca'Zanardi in Venice. It was part of the "It's International Liquid Art and Architecture Festival".
From the 16th to the 30th of June, I exhibited 5 works at Varenne (Villa Monastero) on the shores of Lake Como. Exhibition organized by Marcello Cazzaniga (Camaver Kunsthaus).
At the beginning of January, I exhibit a work ("L'Homme Penché") at the Esart Gallery in Barcelona (XXth International Contemporary Art Fair).

The world is strange, right?