Jean-Marie GITARD (Mr Strange)

Jean-Marie GITARD (Mr Strange)

As you will see, I do not do in decorative art.
I do not offer beautiful colorful surfaces, pretty flowerpots or beautiful landscapes.
Often, looking at one of my "works", I say to myself: "But nobody will ever want to hang that on a wall! "
You will understand, I do not do aesthetics and I do not really look for academism and conformism.
For my part, pictorial art should not be reduced to dressing or decorating a wall ...
it must not be provocation!

I am attracted by the unusual, the strange, the bizarre and the nonsense.
"Mr Strange" is my artistic pseudonym.
I hope to propose an original vision.
Give its opinion. But not a definite opinion ...
I am also very versatile.
I can be proud of a work today and destroy it the next day. Which is not very difficult when it comes to a digital file!
But the only thing I'm sure of is that I'm craving for creation.

Besides, I always created!

Many drawings in my early youth. Emaciated faces, never bodies.
Poetry between 8 and 12 years old. Poetry without rhyme.
Comics between 13 and 16 years with the creation of a character that I called "Goulp". "Shadoks" atmosphere.
Oil painting (rather surreal) and sculpture (Dirosa and Combas style) between 20 and 30 years.
I even created board games ... that did not work!
Then a long time without creation apart from my work where I always, I think, innovated.
About 5 years ago, the creative volcano woke up. He started to belch and bubble again.
I started in the "spicture". A word that I invented that described what I was doing.
A mix between painting and sculpture. Relief paint using clay and acrylic.

There, for 2 years, I do digital collage.
I'm having fun because I'm no longer limited by technique.
I work on images that I collect on the net.
My "kif" is the mix of these diverse and varied images that seemingly have no connection between them.
And who, once associated, create a new reality and open new doors.

In fact, what pleases me in this process is the inexhaustible freedom of creation that it provides.

Even if I work on images (photographs), I feel closer to the painter than to the photographer.
To steal and immortalize for a moment is not my intention.
I am not in spontaneity.
I can spend several days doing a work. And, I always come back to it ... Sometimes even to finally destroy it!

But the result is, I believe, not a jumble because I like realism in the presentation or representation.

I distort the reality and I make (I say modestly) of the surreality.

I often refer to the 7th art as well. Art that I appreciate because it is a window that I find magical.

Modestly, I hope to propose a reflection or an interrogation on the world around us.

Least that we can ask a picture, it is not to look like a black screen.
The rest is only a tasteful question!

The world is strange, right?