Born in Czechoslovakia in 1977, drawing from 1979. Since I was two years old, I drew anything that caught my attention.
Paper and pencils were like a treasure to me.
Beside the elementary school, I frequented pubic school for talented children (with a strange name for me - Folk Art School - that was the original communistic name for this kind of schools). There were a lot of strange things on the regime, especially for kids like me. Escaping to the world of art was nice and freeing, since the art has no borders. It was only part of illusion though. There were borders set by the regime and they were ridiculous and distressing at the same time. Still inspiring and cultured, so truthful in contrast with the overall atmosphere of fear and pesimistic mood.
Loved my first book of art and knew all pictures by heart.
Fortunately, since 1989, our beautiful country is no more under the comunist rule and we are very grateful for it.
It meant, I could study the art school (SPSG, book, calligraphy, textile, ceramic and wood restoration & conservation).
With respect and love to old and handicraft, I also painted some copies challenging myself to experience different periods of art with their styles or better to say different painters and their style.
I never stop being fascinated by these ‘classic’ pieces, but I enjoy tremendously all visual impulses. And especially the fact, that with the age, I see the same pictures quite differently. Some of them tell differnt story.
Creating, but also watching the pictures is so enriching...