JC Greene

JC Greene


When I assume an artist’s mind, everything I see is art. I come alive. I look at my surroundings and see all of the possibilities that could be captured on canvas. The world I see is not boring or stagnant; I want my art to reflect this.

I paint quickly, as I do most things. However, when I begin to become emotionally attached to what I am painting I stop and consider the piece. I may even take a break for the day. It is then possible for me to return with a broader perspective and fresh energy. Sometimes I make bold changes because I paint from my instincts.

I studied at Cornish School of the Arts and Seattle Pacific University. Since then I have taught art to individuals as well as at public and private schools. I grew up and still live in the Pacific Northwest. My landscapes reflect that color palette. My paintings are layered providing depth and texture to the work.