Joy Bush Photography

Joy Bush Photography

Known for her existential quirkiness, Joy Bush's photography explores topics as simple as the food we eat and the color red, to more complex issues that raise questions about social class, where we live, and how we function in the world.

Joy is a fine art photographer based in Hamden, CT. She grew up near New York City and as a child loved family excursions to NYC museums, theater productions, dance performances, and music concerts. The trips always ended with a great dessert! Joy discovered photography soon after graduating from college and eventually landed a job as a university photographer. She continued to develop her fine art photograph while doing documentary work.

Today, her photographs address the things that we collect in life as well as the things that we build, without necessarily photographic people. Her daily walks provide the underpinning of her work. She says:
“My walks are daily meditations, a time to pay attention to the things that speak to me as well as to make a connection to my surroundings. There always seems to be something that deserves to be seen, that may have gone unnoticed, that feels important to record. My photographs mark it in time, create its story, or make up a new story. Almost intuitively the photographs become the answer to questions that I think about, to issues that concern me, and very often, I am delighted by a surprise discovery.”

Joy's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibits nationally and internationally galleries including the International Center for Photography (NYC-#ICP Concerned), Umbrella Arts (NYC), Copley Society (Boston, MA), Carriage Barn (New Canaan, CT), Mattatuck Museum (Waterbury, CT), Griffin Museum of Photography (Winchester, MA), the Garrison Art Center (NY), Drawing Rooms (NJ), Charter Oak Cultural Center (Hartford, CT), DaSilva Gallery (New Haven, CT), Kehler Liddell Gallery (New Haven, CT), City Gallery (New Haven, CT), Artspace (New Haven, CT) Her work was selected for Solos 2015 show at the Westport Arts Center and at Central Booking in New York City, and for HOME VIEWS at the Griffin Museum of Photography (2021). Her photographs have appeared in The Village Voice, The New York Times, Connecticut Review, and many other publications.

She is represented in the permanent collections of the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Mattatuck Museum (Waterbury, CT), Copelouzous Family Art Museum (Athens, Greece), Monetfiore Hopsital (Bronx, NY), the Baseball Hall of Fame (Cooperstown, NY), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland, OH), Yale Medical Group Art Place (New Haven, CT), and many private collections. She is a member of City Gallery (New Haven, CT).

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