Barani Jano

I was born in 1949 in the village Zavazna Poruba under mountain Tatry in Northern Slovakia former Czechoslovakia. I have pursued carer in Chemical Engineering. While in school and later in work I did some carvings, drawings and paintings in my free time. From this time I have very few paintings because I just give them to my friends if they liked them. I feel satisfaction and happiness when I create something new a nice. For me it always was not important if people like my creations because I have my reward during process of making it. All my paintings are the results of as I call it "happy accidents" and I use very little effort to change them after I have consider them done. Some paintings have been created so spontaneously that me friends in painting classes have been shocked what I did in a few ours. On the other hand some paintings took me to finish them many weeks or even years until I have been satisfied with result. They have been many paintings which I discarded and they are some which I have not been able finish at all. Sometimes I am lucky and I suddenly see the whole painting and my hands are only tools needed to make them.
I never make exact copy of picture which I choose like guidance for painting or carving. Only exception is if I choose some part of painting as challenge to try copy it exactly. When I am drawing with pen or pencil and I make mistake I prefer not to correct it, but I rather start all over again.
When I have retired I suddenly have had more time to pursue my hobby. I am still learning mostly by trying new things. I have found that painting portraits using acrylics instead of oil require to understand painting material properties and overcome many difficulties.
Because framing of the pictures become very expensive and in many times the framing exceed price that I want the particular painting to sell I have decided that I make the simple frame for them just to show how painting will looks in the frame. Some pictures deserve much better frames and i am selling only paintings which to me are more valuable than frames.