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Having passion for the arts since the age of 2, I am an up and coming artist who is focused on developing a unique personal aesthetic and marketable trademark in the visual arts arena. I graduated from Tri-Cities High School with Visual Arts as her degree. I have entered numerous art competitions and exhibitions and has won a few. In 2009, I've won 1st place in drawing where I was a recipient to attend the nationals from NAACP ACT-SO competition for African American artists in New York City. In that same year, I started volunteering for ONYXCON, which is an anime convention where African American artists create comic books, graphic novels, films, and much more. I met an artist named Turtel Onli and he offered me to create characters for his book called "Sustah Girl". It is a workout book about how disabled athlete women can stay fit and healthy by doing sports or other active activities. It also gives a message that people with disabilities can do just about anything. A few years later I became an art vendor and started displaying and selling artwork of my own, including my character "Sustah Girl".

Recently, I graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's of Studio Arts (CUM LAUDE) in May 2016. My goal is to find a dream job in drawing, painting, and illustration. I have a special interest in composing colors and shading on SAI. I am an experienced art teacher of 4 years at Southwest Art Center. Currently, I have been working on character illustrations to make short stories and I want to make something out of that such as comic books, storyboards, and graphic novels in the near future. In addition to working on my art, I love to give back to the community.



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