Describing ones self is no easy feat and I am never sure what to say or where to begin so here goes! I am by no means a professional artist, and paint mostly in the evenings & at weekends - painting & photography are my creative pursuits, other than diving (haven't dived since 2016) which is a little more daredevil & exhilarating for a hobby!

I hope to add many more paintings over the coming months as just about any animal / natural creation can inspire me!

Colour, light & shadow are my favourite things about painting - a blank canvas can be anything you want it to become - just pick up the paintbrush, chose delicious colours, pay attention to the details and what you're trying to capture, mix away & get painting - perhaps in its own way it will inspire others somehow too.

Conservation is another inspiring factor to create - it’s now an essential necessity to preserve our world & it’s vibrant bio-diversity for the future generations to come, but the clock ticking, has an alarming advantage.
Agonising over how to bring remarkable creatures both great & small, within their natural environments to demonstrate their amazing qualities, to inspire a passion in people to want to protect & save them too, before it’s too late, is now one of the biggest crisis facing mankind, yet created by mankind.
My one small hope & driver for my paintings is to inspire Or reignite a passion in you too, for preventing the extinction of many species worldwide & ensuring we can pass the best our wild world has to offer, for many more generations to come.

From a very young age I have been fascinated by the natural world (Steve Irwin was my idol!), and my dream growing up was to become a veterinary surgeon - dreams very rarely become reality & this was not meant to be as the academic side did not come as naturally for me - especially chemistry & maths!