Jay Salton

Jay Salton


Hi I’m Jay, my creative journey so far has been one full of accomplishments that I am proud of. From having my artwork displayed in a gallery, to winning awards, my artwork has always spoken about what is on my mind and takes people on a journey of their own.

Even though I am an artist that creates surreal and abstract worlds that bring my imagination to life in new and creative ways, there was a time I had no creativity and was even fearful of my own shadow.
My artistic pursuits started at a young age when dreaming of creating worlds and realities of my own.

When I discovered digital art I was given the tools to turn my childhood dreams into a reality, but all that ended when I turned to drugs at the age of 16, which inevitably spiraled me down the wrong path.

In my darkest hour I was lost and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 18. Terribly frighted of the world, it wasn’t until my Uncle gave me a job at his glass studio that I found a slither of hope. I became an assistant glass blower learning a 2000 year old craft and finally found myself developing my passion for art again.

Feeling the need to fill my excitement, I decided to return to my fascination of creating digital art, learning the ropes on Photoshop, 3Ds Max and Bryce to express my creativity and find peace in my world.

I believe each of my creations is a hyper reality, a surreal place to lose myself. In the future I’d like to see my art evolve into a virtual space that people can explore with their own senses and find peace of their own.

You want the factual boring bio written in 3rd person? Okay:
Born in Australia, Jay Salton began his love affair with digital art at a very early age. His desire and resolve to learn as much as he could, led him to Qantm College in Brisbane, where he graduated with a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media. From there, Jay quickly gained recognition by exhibiting on various websites such as View Bug, Art Pal and Fine Art America.

Utilising the power of a high-end computer Jay acquired, he has recently refocused his energies on large format fine art. Here he wields his imagination, strength and grace, turning out images that bespeak his love of digital fantasies and author Robert Bradbury’s tales of the Matrioshka brain. His detailed works transport the viewer to another dimension, where trans-humans live out their wildest fantasies.