Jayme Hunt

Jayme Hunt


I make pretty "snapshots" of things I see with paint. Sometimes, the canvas is flat, sometimes it's more of a 3D, but still with paper. I like paint. I like paper. You can do so much with it, add paint to it and it's nearly impossible to find limits!

Sometimes I glue my watercolor paper on it's edge after I've painted it. In fact, I've got a whole different name for that kind of art: Quainting. I do that over here: https://www.patreon.com/jaymehunt. Eventually, after I make a few more of this kind of art, I'll post some of them online at a gallery some place. I'll be sure to put where after I find it! Until then, I'll invite you to become a Patron of my Art and to join me on this great Life Journey.