Jaya Prime

Jaya Prime


I make worlds. I design art and fractals along specific themes, worlds that pull in the eye and leave the mind asking questions — those are the worlds I create; where mystery and the enigma hold power, where symbols define the lines that the colors follow. Ex nihilo, ad infinitum.

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?
~San Jaya Prime

Note: The fractal designs of San Jaya Prime have appeared on the cover of music albums and songs, such as on the remix of "The Grid" by Daft Punk (Disney, Indaba), as well as on book covers, starting with "R.E.M. The Manifestation of Hidden Forces" by Anna Czimer (Novum Publishing), and as large murals such as the centerpiece mural "Heart of the Rose" at the SO Hua Hin luxury resort (ACCOR, Sofitel).

Source: San Jaya Prime is an international muralist and music orchestrator based out of Austin, Texas. While the ATX holds his source orbit, he is constantly traveling in orbits around Black Rock City, Nevada and Paris, France. Please forgive any delays in response-time to messages.


Unique Fractal Mugs