Sketchpad Scribbler

Sketchpad Scribbler

I'm a scribbler and thing-finder who tends to stop for rusty or random objects dropped by passers by. Sometimes I hang out in coffee shops or parks and sketch what I see. Then I go home and add colors and textures. Sometimes poetry happens, but I haven't figured out how to sell that here. At least not yet.

For a living, I teach new Americans how to juggle gerunds and pitch apostrophes. It sounds boring but it's quite a bit of fun - notwithstanding the oath of poverty they make you take when you become an adjunct professor. Wait, make that a temporary part-time assistant adjunct professor. Which explains why I have decided to share my sketchpads with you. I love the idea of my creations finding homes and if I can supplement my income this way then why not?

I hope you enjoy my collages and sketches. Some are fun, some serious, and some show museums and landmarks that you may recognize. From my studio to your home, here's to the amazing Internet that connects us all, for better or for worse!

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