Jason Lacoste

Jason Lacoste


If you're one of those people who love to create, but get a sort of "artist's block" I know how you feel. I simply never knew what to draw. I'd sit there and stare at the paper, motionless. One day I just scribbled some nonsense down on the paper and filled it in. That scribble has evolved into a signature style I feel proud of.

I love to watch the shapes and stories manifest out of nothing. The lines tell me what they want to be, and I give them a solid form to bring meaningless geometry to life. My uncle was an artist, until he passed away last year. His work has inspired me to revive my creative side, and to share it here with you. I hope you enjoy these abstracted visual stories as much as I do.

Much of my work is done with mechanical pencil or ink, although I have worked with other pencils, charcoal, chalk, acrylic, oil, ceramic, glass, and metal.

Scribble Art

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