Jaqueline M. Cruz

Jaqueline M. Cruz


Jacqueline Moeykens Cruz (born 02 April 1981) is Brazilian voice actress, dancer and painter.
Despite graduating in Physical Education in 2015 by CEUCLAR (Centro universitário Claretiano), has always been linked to plastic arts and scenic. A lover of the body culture of movement, she describes her passion for art as the communication of the soul with the solid universe, whether by dance or painting.
Self-taught, she began her contact with art as a restorer, experimenting with his natural talent, discovered her tendency to Cubism and Geometric.
She moved to Uruguay in 2005 where resided for 5 years and was inspired by artists such as Jose Pedro Costigliolo and Maria Freire.
In 2010 she returned to Brazil and was inspired by works by artists like Rubem Valentim and Luiz Sacilotto.
In 2016 she moved to the United States, where live actually and started the Zodiac series, with geometric works that represent each sign.


Astrology, space, abstract.

Signs Zodiac Serie