Jan Rudaks

Jan Rudaks


I don't celebrate birthdays, maybe that's why I don't feel my age ..
In my world the years don't matter because art can be created at any age and the creations don't age either.

Soul sings while creating. In my life painting is like a tide - I have lived through periods of stepping away from painting but I always return to it.

The beginning of of my journey - I have painted since my childhood, in the 6th grade I participated in Madona (Latvia) Art School competition and won the 1st place. The very talented teachers passed on me the fundamentals which helped me to get accepted to continue the studies in the prestige Janis Rozentals Art School in Riga.

I moved to the capital city of Latvia, Rīga. While studying I also took part in the wild and exciting Riga social life. As a young adult I worked in restaurants and got deeply interested in radio, playing guitar and do acting.
I have been lucky to meet many great people in my life and have learned valuable lessons, such as the skill to speak less and listen more. Also the ability to pave my own way. Some people might have a hard time to understand it or even accept my not so traditional way of living.
Some time after my studies in Janis Rozentals Art School, I stopped painting as all of my creativity and energy was invested in building a house for the family. My time was spent for my family and raising a son.
Then a sudden turn of events took place. A newbie artist reached out to me online and asked for painting related advice. It gave me a great joy to help the new artist. Shortly after another person reached out to me online. This time a very well established artist, a great friend now - Aldis Dobenbergs. In a very well versed letters and in a cautious way he encouraged me to start painting again. The tide had turned. I haven't stopped painting since.
Creating art gives me purpose and a great joy. I am grateful to have have found my mission in life.