Ephemeral Expressions

Ephemeral Expressions


Ephemeral Expressions is about capturing the beauty of small, fleeting moments in our lives. When we slow down and become aware of the present reality, we can discover a gentle, ephemeral world of colour, feeling, and aliveness.
In my collection of work on display here, I focus on themes from nature, such as the beach and sand. These soft and gentle works will certainly appeal to a range of audiences for their serene sensibility and muted colour palette.
I am also showcasing my "Experiments in Colour" collection, which may appeal to those with bold and bright tastes. Enjoy viewing. And Thank you!

As an Arts Therapist, I view artistic creation as an act of healthy expression. The energy from our moods, feelings, desires and fears can all be re-directed and expressed through a variety of art forms and media. In my paintings, I practise what I advise others to do, which is to use creativity as an outlet for your innermost impulses, and the canvas as a safe container on which to project it.Interested in learning more about Art Therapy and my practise? Please go to my website, www.artforchange.ca and connect with me!

Urban Imaginings

Sea and Sand