Janie the Artist

Janie the Artist


I'm a Portrait Artist and have been drawing portraits for over 40 years. I have a year of college and no formal portrait drawing instruction. Most of my skill comes from spending hours practicing drawing portraits.
My grandmother was an artist but I didn't think I could be until I heard my 1st grade teacher say I was gifted in Art.

At fourteen a couple of things happened: first, I remember hearing the saying, "The eyes are the windows to the Soul." From that moment I kbew I had to try and capture the essence of a person on paper! The second thing that happened when I was fourteen was that my site changed. The eye doctors called it macular dystrophy. My sight ended up being and is now 20/200, which is legally blind in all 50 states. It's normally an older persons disease, but I inherited it. The problem is with my retnas, that is the back of my eye so glasses can't help. I also have an astigm-atism to help me see better far away. I cannot draw with my glasses on. God has been very good to me by showing me wayys to overcome in order to develop my Portrait Drawing skills.

As a Fine Artist, I am driven to c​reate a lifelike image for my customers. I think about how this portrait will be hanging on their wall and if it's not totally accurate then down the road my customer will not be happy! Fin-ishing a potrait is always an exciting thing. I usually know I've completed a work when the person or people or pets that I am recreating seem to be sitting inside the page with the light of life beaming from them.

I am sure, as my potential customer, you will agree that my work is the caliber that you are looking for. I take pride in the quality of my work and therefore would be greatly honored if you choose me to be your Portrait Artist. I would be grateful for the opportunity to capture the grow-ing moments of your family. History is important. We must record as many moments as we can through any or all creative avenues. Thank you for considering me to help you do just that!

​Janie the Artist