"Welcome" - Yap, introduce my name is a Rizky Agung Bramanti, the first child of two brothers, my brother name is Bintang Pamungkas, i still live in Tangerang Indonesia. Both my parents wandered to Tangerang in the hope of being able to earn a higher income than in the village, but it turns out work as laborers who also earn a mediocre. My father was a worker in a textile factory that was once famous in Indonesia but is now bankrupt due to the impact of the crisis monetery that happened 20 years ago, now he retired and lived with my mother.

I was born of a Jogjakarta Indonesia, father born in Jogjakarta and a mother born in lampung. My childhood deposited by Grandfather & grandmother who was in Jogjakarta, from kindergarten to elementary school 1 in Jogjakarta, to then live in Tangerang which when I had not passed elementary school class 1, but my mother forced my father to take me, so when in Tangerang I repeat again from class 1. My childhood when in Tangerang often go home both places of origin from my parents are bounded by the sea, sometimes once a year back to Lampung, the next year back to jogjakarta ,,, well ya this fate overseas child who brought Bring it here.

My hobby is drawing since childhood, several times won the middle and upper level drawing competition then after great I pursue the world of digital art until now.

You can see in detail again on my website www.jangkrikreatif.com

My activities now take care of both parents and foster the art community in the area I live in. So the summary of my life may be u interested.