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Artist’s Statement

Hello, my name is Beau James Kutney and this is my artist’s statement.
I was born in California on Edwards Air Force Base and being born into the military resulted in me growing up in various locations stateside and overseas.
My interest in art began in childhood, but I was discouraged from pursing this interest. Instead, I was encouraged to play sports instead, so I played football and wrestled. I went on to become an electrician, but after 20 years in the field, I grew bored of the work and I abandoned it. I came upon some art supplies and rediscovered my love for art.
I am a visual artist, mostly painting and drawing. I have no formal art education. The closest I have come to an art class is watching how to videos on YouTube. The mediums I use include pens, pencils, markers, charcoal sticks, inks and various types of paints. The medium I use is usually based on the degree of precision a piece of work requires. It is not uncommon for me to use multiple mediums in a single piece of work, I feel the combination of the mediums helps create/add depth.
It’s not always easy for me to decide what to draw or paint. I may ask my friends or family what I should draw. Sometimes I’ll ask my followers on Instagram what they think I should draw. I worked for quite a while to improve my people drawing abilities. I would pick someone to draw by going onto my Instagram, checking out a fan who follows my work and truly seems to enjoy it/likes my work/makes encouraging comments. I use pictures posted on their account for the subject and then create a drawn/painted collage. When I’m done, I gift them with the portrait. Other times. I’ll stare at the paper for a bit and spots and lines seem to appear and I take it from there.
I am motivated to continue making art by the love of creating art (I can literally draw from the moment I wake up to the moment that I go to sleep) and the desire to succeed in creating a successful art business.

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