Welcome to my JaneSpanArt gallery!

I was always fascinated by art and fashion when I was a little child. Since I loved drawing and painting, I found fashion designing the best way to utilize my passion for both art and fashion.

However, fashion designing was only the beginning of my art production. Soon I realised that my drawing and painting skills developed so much that I decided to study fine art at school. I became obsessed with painting and the thing that influenced me the most was impressionism.

While studying fine art, I also became acquainted with photography and since I love vintage fashion, I immediately grew fond of vintage fashion photography which also affected my painting topics. I soon united my art with fashion as I used to do in the past, but this time I developed a unique way to combine photography with painting and each time I saw an interesting fashion photography in some of the old releases of Vogue, I transformed it into a painting.

I also do some photography myself, so there is a lot of my paintings that are based on my own photographic compositions, thanks to my sister, who always assists me as a model.

My paintings are perfect for home decoration, especially for people who love vintage stuff or for those who are fond of modern impressionism. My paintings are often very vivid and colorful.

Besides the vintage fashion inspired paintings, you can also find handmade vintage stuff, impressionistic reproductions of famous paintings in my gallery - in short everything I think you might like to have.

If you have a special request for a specific piece of art I might provide, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll do my best to fullfil your request, people often ask me for specific artwork. For example, you find a beautiful vintage picture of Marilyn and you'd like to have it painted on canvas and hang it in your bedroom or you love Edith Piaf and want a special handmade cover for her CD album. That's when you should definitely contact me! Of course, it doesn't have to be anything vintage, I am open to any idea.

I also want you to know that I am just beginning to sell my art online, that's why I, unfortunately, don't have any blog or artist page with my portfolio created yet, and I have a few items to sell on at this moment because most of my paintings are being exhibited. However, I will be working on new art all the time for you to enjoy!

I hope you like my work and if so, I'd be very grateful for any kind of support!