Jane See

Jane See


Australian base artist who enjoys painting with acrylic and also often a palette knife.

Jane started pursuing her creative journey after a series of unfortunate events triggered her desire to pursue her long overdue passion for art wholeheartedly.

Art has always been Jane's first love from a very young age, although trained and worked as an architectural draftsperson for many years. Since leaving her homeland, Jane has had her fair share of challenges before calling it quits to pursue her calling.

Jane uses acrylic paint and often a palette knife, she enjoys painting fast and direct to the canvas without prior drawing, often in one sitting. This is especially applied to her seascape paintings.

Jane's artwork made its way to collectors in USA, UK, NZ, France and Australia.

View Jane's full portfolio here at https://jane-see.pixels.com/

Jane's work was part of a display in the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami and was nominated for the People's Choice Award from 3 Dec - 8 Dec, 2013

Exhibited in the #CreativesRising digital exhibition in New York City from 25 July - 10 Sept, 2013

Additionally, Jane was part of a globally recognized projection campaign throughout New York City,
featured on 5 Oct, 2013 with thousands of other inspiring artists.

Featured in Supporting Independent Artists Summer 2019

Featured in Why You Should Support Independent Visual Artists This Christmas

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