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JANE CLARK (Jane Adams Clark *JAC*)
UK born artist Jane Clark has developed a body of work both as a painter and as one of Canada’s national poets, inspired by the vast and isolated wilderness
of her chosen land of Canada.
“Well-behaved women seldom make history” reads a sign at the back of Jane Clark’s wheelchair. At 92 years of age and left one-handed from a stroke,
Jane continues her self-made task to bring the viewer to her work and invite moments of peace of excitement at nature’s work in Canada.

Jane was recognized as one of Canada’s National Poets on her 89th Birthday the year, 2017.
A very nice Birthday Present from Canada! Please See Awards and Honors.
This artist is hard to place in one category, except as one of the most creative persons whom I have had the pleasure to meet. she can be found on a logging road in the far reaches of the wild back country in British Columbia, sketching and drawing the land and the next day travel to London to reappear in one of London's finest restaurants or a Paris bookstore! She could be looking for gold or jade in British Columbia, if she is not at home writing a children's story or a new verse, or perhaps the beginning of her autobiography. She could be in her van miles from a city with only a Blackberry for communicating with home. The wilderness is part of her existence. When we look at one of her paintings or read one of her poems, we are immersed in this unusual lady's life. So how did this come about? continue @www.janeclark.ca Jane's Bio - Awards & Honors

I wanted to pass the message to Jane that I love her art as I think it captures the essence of the west coast in a unique way. Not many people draw from nature, sit in it and soak it in. That comes through in her art, it's not fabricated, its natural. It honors these beautiful forests we are blessed to explore.
The Harmony Print is one of my favorites, it is a beautiful and calming piece. Now that it's up on the wall, it's a good focus before I start meditating. I love that different people see different things! The fact that she started painting later in her life and now produces such beautiful work is very inspiring! *Sarah*
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Over the years Jane has done sketches for t shirts and given as Christmas gifts. They were so well accepted we started selling these treasures. The trees in the circle t shirts are very popular, and have Men & Ladies sizes available in S,M.L,XL,XXL plus the NEW blue t shirt for Ladies "Well behaved women seldom make history" is a motto you will find on the back of Jane's wheelchair.! Inspired by Laurel Ulrich Thatcher! These are one of a kind hope you buy one!! email us janesart@shaw.ca for the sizes.

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