Jane Dow Art

Jane Dow Art


Jane Macleod Dow is a Canadian artist who works and lives the rugged North West lifestyle of the Pacific coast. Jane and her husband have worked and owned fishing boats, lived off the grid and maintained a homestead lifestyle since the 80’s. Jane has painted from an early age and is self-taught and was forever inspired by her Mother who gave Jane painting instruction books and paints on the subject. Jane’s paintings reflect her love for Canada as she combines a very modern approach with a bright loose style of painting kept in line with the forgotten way of living the Canadian dream. NEW WORK is the love of oils a new dedicated approach to Fine Art Pieces. Janes's works almost always includes a Canadian themed or inspired piece while she finds the time to paint the daily life around her working from a large private painting /pottery studio/weaving/soapworks.also visit www.shabbychicpottery.com for handmade pottery pieces.

Resting my head

West Coast Swirl

Heavy Head

West Coast Reflections