Janelle N. Estolonio

Janelle N. Estolonio


I am a teacher but have always been interested in art. It all started when I was a young girl. When I was in school, I couldn’t watch my favorite animated series. So I thought of an idea and started drawing my favorite character at break time. When I was in university, I went to a local shopping mall in my free time. I watched a very talented artist. He would let me sit there for hours in front of his gallery watching what he was doing. I was amazed and challenged at the same time. I asked if I could learn and he was very generous to explain things to me while he was painting. After that, I co-worked with another artist who had his own shop. After graduating, while looking for a job, I accepted commission portrait orders and made them the source of my income for several months. However, now is the time when I really feel attached to my paintings because in the past, I painted mostly to make a living. Now, I paint when I am inspired.


Photo Realism

Nipa Hut Series