Jane Indigo

Jane Indigo


I am a Portrait Painter and Artist and have been painting for more years now than I care to think! I do a lot of commissioned work and recently completed a twenty person Oil Portrait of the Canadian rapper "Drake". I have painted all sorts of subjects for all sorts of people over the years, ranging from fine Arab horses to a brightly scaled mirror carp! I do my own paintings too because I simply must celebrate the beautiful life forms all around us on this lovely, fragile earth. Like many Artists I am a Conservationist and deeply concerned at man's adverse impact on Wildlife and the numerous natural environments being devastated on behalf of greed and commerce. I think for me Art is a way to express what we stand to lose if we do not all act, in however small a way, to stand against this destructive tide.

On a lighter note I simply love creating and sharing my Art and I hope you find something here that you will enjoy viewing and maybe even want to take home :)


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