Jana Grgasovic Ceramics

Jana Grgasovic Ceramics


Ceramic Art by Jana Grgasovic

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I am a ceramicist, sculptor and architect in love with art. My connection with clay and ceramics formed early in life, through play and work in the family ceramics studio. There I learned about the craft and about letting the imagination run free. Quite naturally ceramics became the medium of expressing my artistic aspirations. I obtained a Master's degree from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb and thinking in 3D gradually led me into the world of ceramic sculpture. I think of sculpture as the architecture of feelings and thoughts.

Each piece of my artwork represents an idea, a world of its own. I only create pieces that are unique and made in limited editions believing that this is the right way to keep its essence and power. Each piece is originally designed and handmade. I currently enjoy working with white clay and engobes.

I am a member of the Association of Artists of Applied Arts in Croatia, The Croatian Chamber of Architects and The Ceramics Artists and Pottery Makers Association in Slovenia.

My artwork Janusova brajda Wine Chalice and Superlative received Honorable Mentions at international juried themed exhibitions Zelina 21 /Croatia and Ex Terra Krško 2021 /Slovenia, in 2021.

I live and work in Zagreb, Croatia.

Sweet Tooth Wintertime