Janice Webber Watercolors

Janice Webber Watercolors


I've created art since I was a child. I had been adopted as an infant, and at the age of 50 found out that my biological father was an artist. This was an exciting event for me as I always doubted my artistic ability and lacked confidence. Now I knew I had inherited artistic ability.

For the most part I am self-taught. I took online art classes, home study art classes and local classes. I had only had about 5 classes at a local craft store when they asked me to teach classes! I've also taught watercolor to nursing home residents.

I always found it very easy to draw what I was seeing, but I really had to work and practice my watercolors--which I love the most. A high school art teach once told me you have to paint 100 watercolors before you get a good one! That is so true.

I have entered a few of my paintings in local contests and have won awards. Never first place, but I am happy with second or even honorable mention.

I believe that god gives everyone some type of special talent and what a shame if it's never used and enjoyed. I hope you enjoy my watercolors!



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