Jam Labong

Jam Labong


Philippine based practicing digital artist, Jam Labong, is a second year Philosophy major at the University of the Philippines Diliman. She pursues her passion for art on the side by doing art commissions and selling art works on different art platforms. She has been doing digital art for four years and she is hoping to learn more as she pursues this passion.

Jam is currently working on a fundraiser project for different causes called "Ling Ling Helps: An Art Fundraiser Project". As a TwoSetViolin and classical music fan, she hopes to bring artworks that depict the love for classical music and of course, her all-time favorite duo Brett Yang and Eddy Chen , incorporated with Filipino and classical music themes. Her recent artworks under this project are Clair de Lune and Twosetviolin in Barong Tagalog. She's currently working on more classical music-themed artworks under this project.

Aside from the aforementioned initiatives, her art themes are mostly surrealist and "Filipinistic" aristry. She likes to create art that explores hyper realism and the artistic philosophies of Filipino art. She is inspired by artists like Fernando Amorsolo and John Sargent.