Vivid Perceptions by Jamie Frier

Vivid Perceptions by Jamie Frier

Hello everybody, and thank you for visiting this website. I love the process of being creative so I'm not tethered by just one medium. My art is inspired by the all the beautiful things in nature. I have lived most of my life by the beach; so sun, sand and surf are part of every day and show up in lots of my paintings. My love of animals and flowers also plays into my desire to paint beautiful things. I love color and express myself in oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil and mosaic. I do commissions and would be happy to discuss any project with you; just drop me an email.

Also check out the my website: for a look at over 350 of my paintings.

2011 SOLO Exhibition, Susex Room – CopperFlame Gallery, Canada

Winner "Life is for Living" - SCAN Health Plan of California


Big Cats, Little Cats