James Is Dead

James Is Dead


I am a photographer and mixed-media artist originally from DC, now living in Philly, working primarily with film and found objects. Everything I do starts and ends with the whatever-it-takes DIY ethos. I always strive to capture the feeling of the moment as purely and unpretentiously as possible. Whether doing street shots, portraits or still-lifes, I refuse to shy away from the unorthodox, the uncomfortable, or the unprofessional. The results range from pretty to ugly, funny to fucked-up, but they are always honest. In operating under these principles, I hope to connect with you, the viewer, on a deep, unguarded and genuine level.

Learn more at jamesisdead.com, follow me at instagram.com/james_is_dead_, and write to jamesisdead69@gmail.com if you like what you see.

Thanks so much for looking!