Studio of James A Ford.

Studio of James A Ford.

I am an independent practicing visual artist based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
I am also a full member of NAVA Australia. (National Association for the Visual Arts)
I have recently graduated in 2013 with two university degrees completed simultaneously; a Bachelor of Fine Art and Bachelor of Arts (Media Communication).

I create shadow and assemblage installations, mirror installations, and photographic collages using re-assembled images of the installations I make.
I also create abstract paintings which are just spontaneous emotions, based on the actual emotion I am feeling at that exact time, as long as there is NO 'paint brush' involved.

I have previously worked in advertising for several years and now I have finally ventured into my own studio practice to create bodies of work that investigate identity.

The concept of my work mainly in my installation work investigates a construction of identity, and the reminiscence of heroic aspirations through role play during my childhood.
I investigate the iconic attributes that inspired me to want to be so many different roles I saw as defining masculinity, power, strength and admiration.

As I am a new graduate and just in the beginning stages of my career, my main goals are to run a progressive and developing studio practice creating a bodies of works that deal with the concept of my identity, yet testing different approaches and media for a new experience for the viewer.