J Ward Photography

J Ward Photography


James’ love of photography started over 20 years ago when he picked up his first SLR camera whist on holiday in Paris. James has always had an appreciation of dramatic landscape photography and over the last few years has started exhibiting his work.

James has found inspiration from places as diverse as the rugged beauty of North Wales to the busy urban metropolis of central London, to the tranquility of the stunning beaches of France and famous lakes in Italy.

This exhibition is a collection of some of James’ favorite images.

As well as capturing images from further afield, James knows a thing or two about the local area. He knows many of the picturesque locations within Wallington, Carshalton and the surrounding area, such as the stunning Carshalton Ponds, enticing Mayfield Lavender Field and hidden gems in local parks.

As well as capturing breathtaking images from both locally and abroad, James has a stunning collection of images of early morning mist and sunrise through to golden sunsets and London at night.