Jakub Farmas Artwork

Jakub Farmas Artwork


Hi, my name is Jakub Farmas. I am originally from Poland but I have been living in the UK for 8 years now. Current, I'm a student at college studying my first year. My passion for art started in 2014 when my first every proper piece of art was submited to a art competition by my teacher by accident and it ended up wining the art competition along side few other older pupils from my high school. By wining this competition, my artwork was enlarged digitially onto a very large canvas and was displayed in a shopping gallery in the town of Wigan.

I specialise in doing pen and ink paintings, scrafito and pencil drawings of buildings. I decided to choose the theme of buildings as I like and enjoy the aspect of that drawing style. I was always facinated by how they look and how they are designed by people. I especially like modern buildings with classical designs on them which creates something different.

All the money I will get will be put towards helping me stabilise my future

Jake Farmas Artwork