Jake Girard

Jake Girard


The nature of the human experience is infinitely complex, full of surreal mysteries and layered by the subconscious. My intention as an artist is to capture moments and aspects of human life and emotion, while finding a balance between the tremendous power and inherent vulnerability of the individual.

I strive to cultivate a simple visual language that allows the images to maintain a certain freedom and energy. Line is a strong staple of that language. The detailed and varied opportunities it provides for communication are an endless source of enticement and intrigue for me, and that fascination is inevitably imbued within my work. The marks I make reflect the intuitive conversation between reference and subconscious interpretation that occurs in my working process.

The central figures in my images often occupy nigh empty, non-literal spaces that allow for an open ended context. I prefer to focus on the expressions and gestures of the subject as a means of capturing something universal.