Paintings by Jaiodesign

Paintings by Jaiodesign

Just recently Magnus Resch ( Magnus Resch, Ph.D., is an art market economist, serial entrepreneur and bestselling book author - ) rated my artwork as MOMA grade.
Take the chance to own one of my paintings.

I was born in Angola on October 27, 1968 and I am a Portuguese citizen. I have 2 children.
I've always been interested in art.
I started the art school in Porto twice - however it was not possible to finish the school. I had some smaller exhibitions in Portugal.
In 2004 I moved to the Kleinwalsertal in Austria. Since 2007 I am living in Germany.
I have acquired my artistic knowledge over the years through reading, internet and trying.
I love abstract painting because I can let my imagination and freedom run free. I start my work without a precise concept. The picture is created in a kind of dialogue between the canvas and me. Out of respect for the empty canvas, a symbiosis develops over time.

Last exhibition: "Salon coloré" in munich, April 2019
Recent exhibition: "FLUCHT" at private foundation Rohnerhaus, Lauterauch - Austria, May 2019 - May 2021

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Homage to Klimt / Hundertwasser