Wildlife Art - Jaimie Barchus

Wildlife Art - Jaimie Barchus


Born in Nevada in 1984, I developed a passion for art and wildlife at a very young age. Growing up in an artistically creative family, my inspiration was never lacking. As a self-taught artist, I take pride in my work and the accomplishments I have achieved over the years.

As a young child, I remember visiting a family friends animal farm in the desert, where I would experience wildlife up close. My most treasured memory was getting to touch the back of a mountain lion. The power and beauty of the animal still amazes me today. At the age of 12, I relocated to Washington State, where I still reside today.

During my years of developing my personal artistic style, I have tried several different mediums. My earliest work was all colored pencil, or graphite pencil. I then navigated to pastel pencils, which is the main medium of my North American Wildlife series. In 2012, I picked up a brush and acrylic paints for the first time, completing Winter Solstice. Acrylic has become my favorite medium to work with, because of the amount of fine detail I can put into each painting.

Art is my way of communicating the beauty I see in this world. I find inspiration all around me, whether it be a quick drive to work or a long walk on our 5 acres. I am truly amazed by the intricacies of the world we live in. Since I was a small child, I have been intrigued by wildlife. Animals show such beauty yet ambiguity. That combination is what drives the passion I put into my work.

My work has been featured in several competitions, two of which include the Cowlitz County Fair and Best of High School Oregon Art. In the fair, I have taken home Best in Show, Grand Champion and First place ribbons.

I completed my first series, North American Wildlife, in 2013. In the interim, I completed The Prowl. I have begun to work on my second series, African Wildlife, starting with the majestic elephant. I am very excited to continue my artistic path!