Jagged Littleredpill

Jagged Littleredpill


I’ve been an artist all of my life but spent most of my adult life as a professional makeup& stylist, With a focus on as a permanent cosmetics with a minor background in fashion, acrylic painting, drawing, and dance as well as small business.
I have had so many brushes with death and traumatic experiences that I feel invincible like a cat with 9 lives , but at the same time I feel like maybe I’m on my last one?
I would love to go more into detail, but there is a time and a place for everything.Hopefully you will come along for the ride as I embark on this new journey or last life? It’s a toss up. 😄
Just to tell you about myself I have to include a little or none of this would make any sense.

A 2014 car accident where I sustained a bad concussion was the straw the broke the camel’s back.
Whip lash & pinched nerves in my neck have resulted in many issues that have changed everything.
I descended into a very dark and lonely depression as I watched my life spiral out of control.I lost everything and even had to close my business.
There was a helplessness that no one is ready for or believe that it could happen to them. We believe we’ll be ready, butt there’s no getting ready for the battles to come.
Im a very spiritual person, so in all honesty it felt like I was being punished for something?
My it was old stuff that was still catching up to me? Of course there are lessons in everything, but how will me and my children survive after being so independent....

At rock bottom along with several attempts to get back to work, I lost my confidence. After one client , I’d shake the entire time, then be down for 2 . Migraines became an unexpected guess that blurred my vision for short periods of time.
I began opening my mind to turning my therapy paintings into as a recommendation from my Dr.

They say the best artists are able to communicate through their art. I have so much to say, but I have never been the type of person to rain on someone else’s parade or walk around being a dark cloud in life. Everyone goes through their own trails and tribulations, just some of us a little more than others.
I will be the first in line to cheer you on no matter what I’m going through.
There’s so much pain in the world today, hurt people hurt people, is the explanation I received.
If that’s the case? Then maybe healed people can heal other people?
I believe so.
Having a purpose is so important for me. Surrendering to God and trusting that He will take care of me and always provide is something that I struggled with for a long time.
I have learned more in the last few years than I have learned my whole life combined and I am so eager to share the knowledge and wisdom that I have absorbed.

Coming out of that very dark place, you will see most of my work is very vibrant,& fantastical being creatures, patterns, & flowers derived from dreams and visions that I’ve experienced that have had a very profound impact on me.
To much of my surprise, Cosmetology school translates into painting . What is makeup other than using color theory and blending methods to achieve the expected result?
Digital painting is my love, created using various software such as Adobe Photoshop, Fresco, Illustrator, Lightroom as well as Procreate.
My creative process consists of manipulate shapes, vivid pigments, animals prints, patterns, textures,
& layers until something in the canvas begins to take a new shape of something more complex and inspiring.
My style would fall into a cross between modernism, fantasy, surrealism, abstract and pop art.
It really depends on how I’m feeling and what I am working on.