Jage Owen

Jage Owen


I am an illustrator with a lifelong passion for Formula One. My illustrations are NOT computer generated. They are hand-drawn on a computer. There is a big difference.

I started drawing Formula cars as I had failed to find any decent illustrations of cars through the years . I have a very sad and very involved set of statistics that I keep on every Formula 1 driver. This has evolved over the years from simple documents in Word, to what I can only describe as, in my eyes, works of beauty. The only thing that let them down was the lack of good images of the driver’s cars.

I always considered myself not to be an “artist”, but I tried drawing one myself, and to my amazement it was ok, although looking back at that image, my illustrations and skills have developed immeasurably since then.

My goal is to draw every car that interests me, then the cars that don’t and hopefully people will find the ones they love, and would love to have them on their walls too.
I also draw road cars, and am happy to take commissions, or to have people suggest my next project.