Jacquie Vaux Art

Jacquie Vaux Art


Watercolor is my chosen medium, and sable brushes are my tools. I begin my paintings with a graphite drawing on Arches WC paper. I then spend many hours, using a dry brush technique, applying thousands of different colored brushstrokes to the paper. I utilize the white of the paper, in a classic technique, to achieve brilliance in the eyes of the painting. This style of painting creates a lifelike quality to my art. My passion for wildlife is reflected in my paintings.

" My mission is to immortalize the animals I have known by portraying their likenesses as realistically as possible while capturing their individual personalities. My goal is to enable others to know, appreciate and enjoy these animals as I have."

"I also hope to inspire others to treat these magnificent creatures with the dignity and respect they deserve, and to work to preserve them for future generations to enjoy."