I didn't go to an art school. I learned by myself, by painting and it was not easy.

Born in 1947, after the chaos of the Second World War, I followed studies in Clermont-Ferrand, until 1971, the year I was qualified philosophy teacher. Therefore I start a happy career of teacher that not leads me in Los Angeles or New York or San Francisco, but in Angoulême, then Reims and finally Bordeaux where I teach also the History of Art.

Very early, when I was 14, I am painting. At the beginning, I practice copies. To learn. I have a predilection for Matisse and even more for Hopper of whom I reproduce with a lot of fun (and not bad) the paintings.

Then, the time comes to make original painting : nude, portrait. To learn how to paint bodies and flesh and expressions.
But I discover very late (however we know that it is never too late to do the right thing ...) what I really want to paint. The literature, the movies, the journeys give me a real passion for America and specially for the American city, therefore for Los Angeles (and San Francisco). At that time, I am 65. I have a future before me.

Series : Border (Mexico-USA)