Jacob Eason

Jacob Eason


Hello, I am Jacob. Being incredibly intrigued by the beauty of nature as a whole, I use my skills to reflect the elegant details and patterns within. I like to focus on the complex form of water as it refracts and reflects the light into a dynamic flowing volume. Noticing the fractal patterns in nature is as long a journey as it is fun and using the many techniques and mediums to do so has been very eye-opening for me.

As my arty experience go, I have been an artist for 3 years and as of recently one of my landscape paintings won a competition at Walmer Castle. I was selected to exhibit my artwork at 10 downing street. I have sold my artwork at multiple art fairs, where talking to my customers has been a joy. As well as winning artist of the year at Wye school.

General stuff:
I love painting in any media.
I love to keep fit and healthy by keeping active like water sports and cycling.
I love the mountains where I hike in Austria.
I love Architecture where it balances sciences and art, and where I can create habitable art sculptures in a beneficial way for the environment.
I love learning any science which is why I love architecture so much.
I love travelling and vibrant experiences.

My favourite stuff

Japanese inspired art