Jack Kruf

Jack Kruf


I am fascinated by how ecosystems work - especially that of natural forests. There is a lot to learn if you take the time for listening and watching. My work contains and reflects the study of the world around me, to know where I am and to figure out how to navigate properly. I have as former city manager and governor related to the public governance of cities and region, as special interest in good public governance and stewardships.

My motto: 'A wisdom on the wall is a window to the world'.

The sharing of knowledge how to properly govern and manage the public domain of people, society and nature has always been a personal underlying drive for expression. My works are photographs and graphic designs. Maybe these small forms of personal art, can support insights in and understanding of how things work in the forest or the city.

And with that I hope it will contribute to a better world for my children and grandchildren, and of course all their contemporaries. Take a look in my gallery. You are most welcome! It is young (start 22th of November 2022) and still in development.

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