Jack's American Art


84 years old and I have traveled throughout the USA and Canada. Made a couple road trips to Alaska, 1966 and 1984, from home in Ohio. Our first trip was in a Ford Pickup with an Camper and the second in a rented motorhome. Most of what I paint is from memories of trips or photos taken. I taught high school history for 36 years, retiring in 1995. Took up painting again after retirement, My wife and I were teachers and summers gave us time to travel with our family. The Western states, Alaska, and Canada were major sightseeing trips, but the Pennsylvania and West Virginia region as well as Ohio offered many attractions as well.
Born in the middle of the Great Depression, In Youngstown, Ohio, Dad was a steelworker, tough times but, good times. The outdoors, fishing and hunting, camping and travel were important to us. I supplemented my teaching pay by summer jobs, and remodeling and construction, doing all jobs from masonry, carpentry, cabinetry, plumbing, wiring etc.
My first job was at 15 working for soda pop company as a delivery driver helper for 50 cents an hour, I worked one summer for a replacement window company that occupied a building that was once a major casino, The Jungle Inn, that was shut down after the War. I worked summers in the steel mills and also worked as a bartender, Over Christmas vacation, I worked for the Post Office delivering mail. Now I have plenty of time to recollect and try to relate some of the beauty I have seen in my many years in this great country.