Jaci Kajfas

Jaci Kajfas



How does one know they are an artist? What proof do they need? Or do they have to give proof? Twenty years ago a philosophy of art class posed these questions- and my soul cried: An artist is an artist.

There are several forms of art- and consumerism can drive the market to support whichever- however that doesn’t stop one from being. If you are- be it.

So my bio reflects a lifetime of being in art mode, as well as parent and survival mode. Production may be slow, but quality of life isn’t! For all you out there scuffing the dirt- GET TO IT. Life is now.

Creation doesn’t have to be just your own show. I am blessed to have solo shows but even more so to support and be a VP/President of an non profit arts organization, work with local non profits directly and indirectly as well as support individual artists grow. Working with others to make arts work for others= art work in motion and community! So, I had some gaps of creations, but not really- a blessing to make sure our community was creating.