Jace Klingelhafer


Jace Klingelhafer is a queer, disabled artist in their early 20s who has grown up in the California Bay Area. They have been creating art for the majority of their life, experimenting with many different materials and art styles. Recently they have favored acrylic painting as a 2-dimensional art form, though previously their favorite medium was graphite and they preferred drawing to painting. Most of Jace's acrylic paintings are color-realistic landscapes and portraits because they admire the beauty of nature and love the peace it brings, and enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the feeling of a moment or location. When they paint portraits, Jace tries to communicate the personality and energy of the subject rather than simply a static image. The portraits shown in this gallery exhibit the personalities and emotional states of the people they represent, and they journey of an artist learning new ways to embrace the world. As their physical limitations change, Jace is learning to become more creatively flexible. In future art, they hope to better present the emotions and feelings of their surroundings and to settle into a more defined personal style.

Graphite Portraits