Lind Whitby Studios

Lind Whitby Studios

I like to work in all forms of media, though most of what I do is paint. I am entranced by the world around me, the life, the planet around me, the colors of the Universe. I seek to interpret this in my art, to put down on canvas or even a digital file how these images of the world I live in bounce around inside my head. I like to use bright colors, and often have to consciously force myself to use more muted tones when I want to do something different.

Painting with gouache I only primary red, blue, and yellow in order to maximize their vibrance, and then accent that with black India ink to further make those colors pop. My acrylic paintings tend to use layers upon layers of translucent hues in order to give those shades a feeling of depth. And lately I have been experimenting with viscous paint and palette knives, creating lines and curves as I see them in nature.


Digital Art