Izzy Ohiro

Izzy Ohiro


Izzy Ohiro is an African-Canadian painter who excels in the use of color composition and the art of transforming shapes and forms. He majored in Creative Arts at the University of Benin, Nigeria. His artistry is influenced by African, Caribbean, Canadian and American cultures, creating a point of view that might be described as a spicy mélange of dazzling imagery. The artist brings an extensive mastery of color concept, intrinsic sense of rhythm, and balanced components to each painting.

Izzy explores the limitless potentiality of vibrant and tonal scales, and his art focuses on inner beauty, festivity and celebration of the human race. His work unveils human emotion, which is an inspiration from his early surroundings where the affection of a mother was unobtrusive.

Although the artist paints with several mediums, he has developed very deep love for oil because of its lustre and corporeal qualities. He applies the strengths of the medium to achieve plush surfaces and vibrant hues, creating layers of simple colors, shapes, and exciting movements.

Izzy has developed his own visual vocabulary and peerless style with utmost proficiency. His artwork has been shown in several galleries, juried shows and exhibitions across Canada, Europe, Africa and the United States of America. As far back as 2010, one of his featured paintings at the prestigious Royal Ontario Museum was selected and used as the fifty feet backdrop display for the Scotia bank/Caribana sponsored Arts Festival, downtown Toronto.