Ixhen art

Ixhen art


My name is Zakariae Fathi, originally from Morocco, but living and working in Romania.
I got interested in painting since I was young. I did my first painting when I was 7.
All the talent I have now is self built thanks to the big passion I have for painting.
When I was in the university in Morocco I was part of the Plastic Art Club at Mohamed 5th university(Faculty of science), in Rabat.
With other students we worked on a project to decorate the university. This was the first time when I used professional material for painting and started believing more on my talents.
I joined the association of plastic art in Bucharest, in 2016, where I get the chance to meet professional artists and get a lot support to realize my first exhibition.
I usually paint for fun and relaxation and when I have the mood.
I starting, and was always interested in landscapes, but with time I wanted to try something new, something that characterize me, so this is how I found myself into modernism art.

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